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5 Things I Love About Motherhood

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I mentioned last week that in every aspect of life there is the balance of love and hate. I posted the 5 things I hate about motherhood and this week I am sharing all the things I love about motherhood.

From the time I found out I was pregnant with my oldest until I gave birth, motherhood was this magical happening. Wiggling inside of me, she was growing to become a whole person that I would have the honor to get to know. She was the beginning of my love for motherhood and the reason I would carry on to have more children. For the past 9 years, I have had the chance to experience these 5 things that I love about motherhood.


1. The Babies

I love babies, being pregnant (except when I am sick), and giving birth. Breastfeeding is always an enjoyable bonding time for me. It’s an exhilarating feeling welcoming new life and knowing that no matter what that they will love you regardless of everything.

2. The Innocence

Innocence | things I love about motherhood

My children have a way to be bright, wide eyed, tell jokes, and get laughs without putting anyone down. Their make believe dialogues are real life dramatic scenes and I find myself giggling at least once a day at their skits. The passion to be free is something that has taught me to relax some. I am so grateful for their existence!

3. The Love

Love | things I love about motherhood

The purity of the love I felt when my children and I first connected is an amazing bond. It’s in an instant I loved them and they loved me with all of this love in the world. It never dies down. It never lessens. This love I feel is unmeasurable, unbreakable, and unmistakable. My mistakes can be enormous but I am still the beautiful superhero in their eyes. When everything else is going to poop in my life I will always have their love.

4. The Personalities

Watching my kids grow up and become actual people has been the most hilarious journey. I get to learn about this person’s likes, dislikes, aspirations, humor, habits, and quirks. Their dad and I have had many laughs over discovering who they are as their personalities grow.

5. The Growth

Growth | things I love about motherhood

I have moments in time when I look through old photos and videos to see how far we have come. Reminiscing brings back the feelings from that time and I can’t help but to let them know that I’m proud of them. I am proud to be their parent and I am proud of their growth. They have proven to me time and time again that they are the reflection of the love I have to give. My children are a reminder that when I put love into something, that love aspires it to grow.

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  • Cin

    Myyy heeearrrrt. Ill do one for next week too. 😩😩😩 in response to this one. I love this blog ping pong we have going on. 😍😘

    • thesahmomlife

      I almost cried a little when I was writing this post. Just a tad bit 👌🏼 Motherhood is the biggest emotional rollercoaster I think any woman can experience. Yes we have to keep these kind of topics pinging back and forth. 🤗🤗

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