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5 Things I Hate About Motherhood

Cin from Thee Milk Barr inspired me to rewrite a post she posted called 5 things I hate about motherhood.

I don’t think hate is a strong enough word for this post because some of these things are downright explosive. Don’t give me that judgement face because as a parent you know what I am talking about. In the parental community we need to stop acting like their isn’t any hate where our love resides because realistically this is the natural order of things.

So I say with honor and conviction that I absolutely hate the 5 things about motherhood that I listed below.

1. Anxiety/Guilt

Motherhood is that time when you develop obnoxious anxiety and guilt about being so crazy. You give birth to gremlins and every single second of their lives their mission is to drive you nuts by attempting to kill themselves. After freaking out you feel extremely bad for scaring them with your big mom eyes and loud voice.

Guilt is a never-ending reoccurrence that makes me feel like crap about forgetting a fun event, being sick, not going outside, buying their favorite snack, or letting my lid fly off. There are so many crazy mom moments filled with guilt and I just never get used to it.

2. No Privacy

Ugh! Every time I have to potty the questions are the most important at this exact time. Can someone please tell me why there are some many questions at the exact time my bladder is releasing urine? Is it a scientific phenomenon?

Sometimes these questions get a little personal and boundaries are crossed.

What is that mama? *points at gentials

Almost saw what I thought | things I hate about motherhood

3. The District Attorney with an Unarguable Argument

This is the part when anxiety comes in and crushes my soul. I absolutely can not take a mini person arguing a point that doesn’t even make sense. It is literally the moment in the day where I go in my room, close the door, and give myself 5 minutes to an hour of timeout. The thing that sets me on fire is when they are arguing and they don’t even remember what they said but are still arguing to the death.

What the….

Are you done or are you finished | things I hate about motherhood

4. Asking All These Questions

One thing happens and a million questions erupt from each kid who all want to talk first. I open my eyes, “hey mom what are we having for lunch?” I walk into the kitchen to get something to drink, “OMG you guys mom is getting ready to cook dinner; what are we having for dinner?” “Mom are we having lunch or dinner?” “Can I have a popsicle?” “Can I have it after dinner?”

Asking all these questions | things I hate about motherhood

Someone please send me help before it is too late. I don’t think I have much time left and patience is limited.

5. There’s Never Enough Time

I feel like there is never enough time and I am doing so much but not enough. They are getting older and we are missing out on creating memories that should last forever. Everyday I tell myself tomorrow, next week, in a month, and so on to only get to that point in time thinking where has it all gone.

I don’t want to be that parent that looks back over time and says I should have done more. I can’t bare knowing they feel like their time in life was wasted not doing things they wanted to do because I couldn’t hack time.

It sucks!

Aww honey | things I hate about motherhood

Let’s make this a thing! I am passing this post along to the next mom who decides she would like to write the things she hates about motherhood. You are more than welcome to linkback to Cin and myself when you are done. I will take my time to read each and every one.

Read ya next time!

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  • Cin

    No privacy and all the questions asking are my top two lmao. It doesn’t change! Great job on this post girl! I love all the pictures and how clean and to the point it is. You have a great site in general.
    That mommy life is one heck of a life 😂😂✊🏽✊🏽

    • thesahmomlife

      Yeah I would have to say those are my top two as well. I would imagine the questions will get better but right now it’s just too much. Thank you! I’m just trying to do my best. And yes you are so right! 🤣

        • thesahmomlife

          I really appreciate you giving me feedback on my blog. I think that it is very important to know what looks good to my readers. I am very glad that I came across your blog and the blog post that inspired me to write my own response. I hope that we can remain good blogging buddies!


    Haha! Your #3. The District Attorney with an Unarguable Argument – had me laughed out loud. I absolutely agree with you here. Jeeezzz Child – just chill for a second please!! lol!

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

    • thesahmomlife

      I thought that was a pretty good one! Just drives me nuts and I just want to runaway but they always find me. Lol. You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by.

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