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The Mom Blog Journey Begins

When I think of the beginning of a journey I envision perfectly planning this flip-book of memories from point A to point B.

It’s beautiful.

It is planned out with grace and happiness; from the small details to the big things and everything flows in tranquil perfection. This is how I saw motherhood! This beautiful journey I could finally embark on with my perfect plan to turn each page and experience everything blissfully in some magical fairytale.


Motherhood…is a mix between the Hunger Games and some weird version of Alice and Wonderland sending you down a rabbit hole into a world that challenges your sanity. Around every corner there is a test that can put a really large fork in your road and up in the trees is your child’s face whispering dinner request.

But you know what? Sometimes I get smart like the two women from these movies, I accept the world I live in, and use it to my advantage. I have learned from my artistically inspiring drama queens and king that I can be the person that is “killing” them or the person that just fills their hearts up with so much love. Either way, it is within their own illusion that I have discovered that I wield a secret power: it’s not about my perception anymore but always about theirs and the only thing I can do is manipulate it through space and time. I have now stepped into Star Wars to use the force to manipulate their world and my own.


With that being said, I have decided to create a space for me  to live outside of my everyday stay-at-home mom norms and to provide myself with the proper resources to rant. Of course, I also want to share my crazy mom findings, niches, money saving tips, and projects with other people who are interested. Because you and I both know that sharing a fun fact about your favorite niche to a child will bury you in a grave of questions that you will slowly die from so I rather not go that route.

So welcome to my ranting mom life blog and awesome post about my mom tips that I am proud to have acquired over the years. I am so glad that you have taken a few minutes of your time to read what I, another mother has to say.

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