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The Adventures of Bunny and Cookie: Bunny and Cookie Take Turns

Happy Hump Day!

I hope that you are all having a lovely Wednesday even though it is hotter than the kitchen oven on 500 degrees. Stay safe and stay hydrated!

Scrolling down my Twitter timeline I see all these mamas taking their kiddos out on adventures and I felt momspired (mom + inspired) to begin sharing my cartoon/comic series for kids today called “The Adventures of Bunny and Cookie.


I have been wanting to do something like this for some time now but with all the mom duties getting backed up I have just never had the time. So when I started this blog I made it a priority to include this cute story about an adorable cat and bunny who are inspired by my two youngest daughters. N who is 4 y.o, reminds me so much of a cute little bunny and S who is 2 y.o, acts like a cat with her kitten like angry faces.

My plans for Cookie and Bunny are to start with memes and then make full comic book stories for parents who read my content with kids who love cute animals. I will do my best to post these every Wednesday but you know how mom life goes. I would love to read your feedback in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to get updates via email or notifications.

The Adventures of Bunny and Cookie: Bunny and Cookie Take Turns

Picture credit: Shannon B • Unsplash Brandon Couch

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