Momsources, mom plus resources because every mom definitely needs a little insight from other moms who have the deets. Listed below are some of my go to baby essentials that I have been using and talking about on this blog. Now you don’t have to scroll through post to find these goodies.

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Amazon is a website where you can literally shop for anything. Sign up for a prime membership to get a plethora of perks like 2 day shipping, exclusive deals, a free ebook a month, amazon video, and so much more.

If I need to purchase anything and get it to my house within 2 days I can count on Amazon to get it here.

Baby Registry: Welcome Box

Amazon has the best baby registry! Why? Because they offer a welcome box that has yet to disappoint. Become a prime member, create your baby registry, and purchase an item of $10 or more they will send you a welcome box. In the welcome box there are quality freebies that every mother will be happy to receive.

My welcome box arrived early July of 2018 and I did a quick haul that you can check out here.

Cloth Diapering

I started cloth diapering my 2 y.o July of 2018 and I will be cloth diapering my newborn in December. Flats and covers are my go to strategy just because I feel I can get more bang for my buck. Here are my supplies so far below:


Right now I have (2) one size covers and (2) newborn covers. We have been doing pretty good with just the 2 covers for my 2 y.o but it would be nice to have two more. I think 4 will be the magic number for my toddler but I don’t think that will be the same for my newborn.

Newborn Covers:

– Weight range: 4 lbs – 15 lbs

– 3 adjustable rise settings

– Water resistant polyester-TPU

– Use with: Prefolds, Lay-in Soakers, Fitteds, Disposable/flushable or other hybrid inserts

One Size Covers:

– Weight range: 6 lbs – 35 lbs

– 4 adjustable rise settings

– Water resistant polyester-TPU

– Use with: Prefolds, Lay-in Soakers, Fitteds, Disposable/flushable or other hybrid inserts


Snappis are used to hold together your flats and prefolds underneath the cover. I don’t use these for my 2 y.o but I will be using them for my newborn. She is definitely going to need the added security that the snappis provide.

Tide Free and Gentle Laundry Detergent

I have been making my own laundry detergent for years now but I recently stopped. Before I made my detergent I used this religiously and I have since gone back to using it.

Flour sack towels (best priced at Walmart for $5)

The only place that I can find flour sack towels for the low is at Walmart. It’s an exclusive Walmart brand so they are going to have the lowest price on them.

Huggies Natural Care Wipes

I have been using these wipes for many years now. They are good on sensitive skin and get the job done.


Breast pads by Mother’s Lounge

Breast Pads by Mother’s Lounge








I have this thing going on when you join the stay at home mom tribe you will receive a coupon code for 10 free breast pads from Mother’s Lounge. After you fill out the form and confirm it’s you via the link in your email I will send you a Welcome email with the coupon code inside.


I have tried many different types of nipple cream when I first started breastfeeding but nothing compared to Lansinoh lanolin. The cream has a thick consistency and I just lather them up for superb protection. I don’t experience cracked nipples or bleeding with this cream which is a lifesaver.

Medela Breast Pump [Free with insurance]

All you have to do is check to see if your insurance is eligible here and then proceed with the following steps. It is a simple process and a breast pump coordinator is assigned to you specifically so that you can stay connected through the process. I already have my very own breast pump.