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How I Manage My Mom Blog Using A Planner

Balancing both motherhood and a blog can be very demanding at times. Sometimes mom life can be very overwhelming while blogging can bring on new things like the need to be consistent. It is not impossible to manage my mom blog but in order to do it I needed a plan.

My brain functions as a malfunction!

I noticed that I function at my best when I write out a list or an idea so that I can visually refer to it. This is the only way that I seem to go beyond an idea or complete a task. This can be said about every aspect of my life.

I’m not lazy, I just suffer from a constant brain fog.

Brain fog is a very real thing! Raise your hand if you know what I am talking about. Since I’ve started using my diy mom blog planner, an app called Trello, and a dry erase board I’ve been able to increase my productivity.

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Run Mom Blog Using Planner | Mom Blog Goals

Just keep in mind that the information included in each of the printables are only examples. This is to help give you some ideas on what to write in each box. I will be doing a blog goal update for the month of July very soon and I will include my actual goals and accomplishments in that post.

Blog Plan

Blog Plan | Manage Blog Using A Planner

The Blog Plan printable is used to record the foundation of my blog such as my mission statement, target audience, blog income, expenses, how I am of value, my blog topic, post schedule, and marketing strategy. This information will only need to be written once every year. With time some of this information may change as my blog grows.

Blog Goals

Blog Goals | Manage Mom Blog Using Planner

The Blog Goals printable is used to keep track of my monthly goals and the progress that my blog has made that month. I also included social media goals because my social media progress is a huge part of growing my blog growth. At the bottom, there is a box to write tips in to increase the chances of accomplishing goals or surpassing the targets next month.


Trello is app that I use to help create and manage my blog content. I created a board for my The SAHM Life blog and added multiple list of cards. I use the lists by creating cards with content ideas and brief details that will help me write the post.

The cards allow contain the graphics, any to do lists, the title, and side notes for the post. I also tag each card to match the categories that they belong to. This keeps the cards organized when they’re moved between the list I have created for written, scheduled, and published post.

This app gives me a clear view of what ideas I have, the due date for them, and how I am progressing. Without this app, I am sure that none of the work would get done and I would burn myself out on blogging all together.

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar | Manage Mom Blog Using Planner

The Editorial Calendar is used for keeping track of monthly events like blog post, guest post, and sponsored post. I’m always participating in linkups that on a regular basis so I added that to my calendar as well. I plan to use this calendar to mark other important events on particular days.

I chose to laminate my monthly editorial calendar and use expo wet erase markers to write in all of the information. This way every month I can I wipe it clean and start over for the next month. Using this printable like this works better because the information doesn’t need to be permanently recorded.

Monthly To Do List

Monthly To Do List | Manage Mom Blog Using Planner

The Monthly To Do List printable is used to write down task I would like to complete for the month. I laminating this printable has helped me to jot down tasks and remove them quickly when I am done. Some task will be moved over to the weekly to do list or kept on this list until completed.

Weekly To Do List

Weekly To Do List | Manage Mom Blog Using Planner

The Weekly To Do List printable is for the weekly task that need to get done to reach weekly and monthly goals. To me, this is the most important part of the planner because it gives me an idea of what my task will be daily. Not to mention very important reminders of the weekly goals I want to reach.

And that is it!

This is how I survive the blogging world and as time goes by I’ve seen my blog grow from my consistency. Creating an absolute constructive plan is the only way to grow and sometimes it takes going the extra mile. I hope that this gives you some ideas on how you can increase your productivity as well.

Are you a blogger? How do you manage your blog? What kind of tools do you use to be efficient? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure you subscribe to get updates about my blog and more.

Do you like the printables in this post and would like to have your own copy? You can purchase your own set right below here.

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  • Cin

    (Raising hand) brain fog is so real! I’m still old fashion and use a hands on planner 😩 but a planner none the less is needed! It definetly can be hard keeping up with every day life and juggling a blog so I’m all for the planner.
    Great post girl!

    • thesahmomlife

      Man that brain fog is something fierce. Sometimes I can’t shake it and get stuck in trying to remember. Yeah I was using just Trello for awhile but then I went straight to paper as usual.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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