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Learning can be fun at home in so many different ways. But what better way is there to get kids learning than with free printables. They use them in school so why not begin the use of printables for preschool and after school learning.

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Make early learning fun with these worksheets from Be sure to check them out for more learning fun.

The Summer Matching WorksheetSummer Matching Worksheet Free Printable

This worksheet is for Kindergarten kids who are learning to sight words. Connecting the image with the word helps them to memorize the word.

The Summer Crawlies Word Tracer

Summer Crawlies Word Tracer Free Printable

This worksheet is for kids in Pre-K or Kindergarten who are learning the alphabet; how to write; and how to read. As they trace each line they can sound out the word by making the sound of each letter. Allowing them to draw a picture of each word will help them memorize the letters, words, and sounds.