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During the summer when the children are all out of school you are bound to experience outdoor obstacles. For instance, it could be raining; the sun could just be doing its job too well; or you may not feel up to leaving the house. These are the perfect times to pull out free printables that provide a fun way to learn while entertaining bored children.

We have spent most of the summertime indoors. Being a pregnant narcoleptic parent is not an easy thing to do outside without help. I admire other parents who are always on the go but I rather do what I can indoors than risk an episode alone.

Throughout my recovery from HG and the start of creating this blog, we have been finding fun activities to do at home. This has helped mama to rest while giving them the freedom to have a little fun.

Since I started blogging again (yes again), I have been digging through pinterest like a mom blogger is suppose to. I have been looking for simple projects and activities for them to do. One thing I know my kids love to do is draw and printables are a great way to cure boredom while tapping into their creative side.

That is why when someone from reached out to me with free printables I was really excited. Not only were they giving us a free printables to try but this will be my first sponsored post. So I would like to send a huge thank you to the people over at for helping me to accomplish a goal while sharing these two free fun printables.

Can you say…..

Free Printables | Mom Blog Goals

Now I am required to inform you that I received two free printables in exchange for a sponsored post. Everything written here will be based on my opinion and my opinion alone. If you are interested in grabbing the free printables for your kiddos, the download link will be included at the end.

Please excuse my printers lack of cooperation! The printer was being a little sketchy even though it had a decent amount of ink. I tried to troubleshoot the issue but you know how these tech things go sometimes.

It would only print in color for the most part so I decided that the word match printable was the best one to print.

Here we have a list of some everyday words that have images that match them. Even though my 2 y.o wasn’t able to grasp the concept of the worksheet, we were able to match the words with the images by talking about it. The knowledge she attains truly amazes me but that is what happens when you have 3 older siblings…you learn.

My 4 y.o and I took our time to read the words out loud. She then drew a line from the words to the images. She was very pleased to finally have a “school worksheet” in front of her to do like her school aged siblings.

Of course, my 7 y.o and 8 y.o were breezing through their worksheets with ease. This was a fun refresher for my 7 y.o, who is on the Autism Spectrum and has ADHD. He read every word on his own and matched all the pictures correctly without my assistance.

I am so proud of him.

For the longest of time he had no interest in reading but that changed at the end of school last year. All through the summer he has been working on sounds, letters, and words at his own discretion (I really try not to force learning on him because it usually backfires). It is just nice to see him proud of the results from his hard work and determination.

As for my 8 y.o going on 16, I have never had to worry about her succeeding. She is the type of child that gets stressed out over an A-. Again I have another child who wields her own ability to grow academically.

Now let’s see if this is the same by the time they get in high school. Haha!

After that I gave them the green light to doodle on the back of their papers while I made dinner. We had a pretty stress free time all at the cost of a free printable. Again thank you

Download Links:

Make early learning fun with these worksheets from Be sure to check them out for more learning fun.
Summer Matching Worksheet Free Printable

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Summer Crawlies Word Tracer Free Printable

                                          Click to Download

We want to share with you! Click the images above to download your free printable and get to having some free fun. Comment below with your thoughts and let us know how your kiddos enjoyed doing these fun worksheets.

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    • thesahmomlife

      It was pretty awesome to take 30 mins, sit down, and just watch their minds go. Literally right down to my 2 y.o and I am glad I was given the opportunity.

      I would try it out and even if he can’t get focused, talk about what he finds interesting. Or you could even just let him color on the page. Kids are great at observations even when their minds are going crazy.

  • Alice V-DIYerfy

    totally agree with you, you gotta keep those little minds going! I do the same thing and either look for new worksheets for them or make my own. #Alittlebitofeverything

    • thesahmomlife

      Keep their minds going or suffer the consequences. Haha! I have just started getting into making my own for my toddler and preschoolers. I can’t wait to try them out!

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