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7 Reasons Why I Think Cloth Diapers Are Worth The Trouble

When learning about all the benefits of cloth diapering I realized that cloth diapers are worth the trouble for us. Then I begin searching for the perfect brand and style for what I wanted to get out of my diapers. If you want to take a look at what I decided on just pop over to my July baby registry haul post.

The last few weeks of cloth diapering has been exhilarating for us and fun for my 2 y.o. She likes when I buy her new stuff and she was so excited to learn that the bright colored diapers were hers. She insisted that we call them panties because they made her feel fancy.

I have learned a lot about my choice in becoming a cloth diapering mom before and after I started. I feel really good about the way that my choice can change so much for the good. It makes me even more happy that their dad verbally expressed how he thought it was a good idea for us as well.

I am in no way saying that disposable diapers are a bad choice but that I know cloth diapering is the best for us. It was a little intimidating at first but I dedicated myself to switching (this time). I will leave my sources listed below if you want to do your own research and delve deeper into some of the things I stated.

Below are the 7 reasons why I think cloth diapers are worth the trouble…

1. Cost Effective

It is said that the average family spends about $1600 over the course of 2 years per child. That is a lot of spending on a bottom that is just going to keep on pooping. I can think of a million things I rather invest $1600 in versus someone’s butt.

I don’t know about anybody else’s cloth diapering journey but my goal is to only spend about:

  • $20 on flour sack towels (plus whatever material scraps I have at home)

  • $56 on newborn covers (I have preemie size babies so these are a must)

  • $112 or less on one size covers

The total would be about $188 so let’s just say $200. That’s not even half of what the average family would be paying for disposable diapers. You have to take into account that the amount paid for reusable diapers is only being paid once.

I would take $200 over $1600 any day!

2. Sensitive Skin

I personally believe that disposable diapers cause diaper rashes. Of course there are other possibilities but the materials that the disposable diapers are made out of doesn’t help the issue. For our family, diapers usually make the problem worse once it gets started.

All babies are born with delicate skin. My kids all have eczema and that makes their skin even more delicate. All the moisture build up and chemicals in disposables cause the absolute worse diaper rashes.

My 2 y.o hasn’t had a full blown diaper rash in some time but she did have these small bumps pop up from time to time. They were never red, itchy, or painful so I never truly worried. Since we switched to cloth diapers I haven’t noticed any of those tiny bumps so I attribute them to something in the disposables.

3. Eco-friendly

I thought that switching to reusable diapers would help the environment but I never imagined that it would be such a huge impact. Listed below are a few facts that shocked me:

  • 20 billion disposable diapers are dumped in landfills each year

  • All fecal from disposable diapers should be dumped into the sewage system but it rarely happens

  • It takes about 250-500 years for a disposable to decompose

  • Disposables waste about 2.3 more water than cloth diapers

4. Chemical Free

I never really looked to see what was in the disposable diapers I used but that’s just me being an half assed parent I guess. Not knowing what was in disposables makes me feel terrible and if I would have known I would have taken better care of my babies skin by switching. I had to learn and I am trying now right?

Here are some facts I thought were a big deal:

  • Babies delicate skin absorbs about 50 different types of chemicals found in disposables

  • The gelatinous crystals that you sometimes see on your baby’s skin is similar to the same substance they used to use in super absorbency tampons that is said to have increased the risk of toxic shock syndrome

  • The PUL Rumparooz uses in their cloth diapers is bonded with heat and not chemicals

5. Design Options

I know that occasionally diaper companies come out with prints on their disposables but they are not all that cute. Cloth diapers come in many different prints and I have yet to be disappointed by the cutie bottom covers.

All disposables, to my knowledge are velcro and that is it! I found in the cloth diapering world that you have 3 options velcros, snaps, and pullovers. We have different types of parents in this world people and I think we should respect the fact we don’t all have the same preferences.

Can I get a HELL YEAH for options! Hell Yeah!

6. Adjustable

When I was searching for cloth diapers I saw a few brands that made adjustable cloth diapers and some offered diapers by age/size. I specifically wanted something I could adjust as baby grew.

For me personally it doesn’t make sense to buy something like this for a baby that I am only going to use for a short period of time. We all know babies grow like weeds but unfortunately money don’t grow on trees (bars). I want to bang the buck out of these so I went with the 3 adjustable rise settings with snaps on the newborn covers and 4 adjustable rise settings with snaps on the one size covers.

The weight range on the newborn covers is from 4 lbs to 15 lbs and 6 lbs to 35 lbs on the one size covers. My toddler is fairly small and she is on the last snaps with all the snaps undone. I think that’s mostly due to me bulking up with extra absorbent layers at night.

7. Accelerates Potty Training

Since we started using the cloth diaper covers on my toddler she’s taken a bigger interest in actually peeing in the potty. I think when she wears the cloth diapers she is a lot more aware of what is taking place in her undies. Within days she knew what the urgency felt like, could announce it, and successfully make it.

I told her if she kept going she could get more panties like her big sisters. She made sure to tell me that she wanted pink panties from the store. At the rate she is going she is well on her way to getting pink panties that she picks out all by herself.

If you want more details be sure to read the information from these well known cloth diaper brands:



With all of that being said I am glad that I can help save the planet and provide low cost healthy options for my family. Cloth diapering has been an amazing experience for our toddler and even got her to potty train a lot sooner. I am hoping we have the same great experience with our newborn in Decemeber.

Do you cloth diaper and have an interesting fact to share? Are you interested in cloth diapering and have a question? Share in the comments below.

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