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Cloth Diapering

How Cloth Diapering Helped Us Potty Train Like A Pro

I know you’re probably thinking in your questionable tone of voice…cloth diapering helped potty train your child?

I have searched many times on Google and I could not find hard facts from “the experts” to prove my theory. But then I got to thinking that it’s really nutty to seek “the experts” facts (opinions) when I am the greatest expert of them all. I am “The Mom”.

I have a PHD in mom-ing with 9 years of hard core experience. A gray bearded man who works in an office doesn’t need to tell me if what I am doing is actually working. I’ll conduct the experiments, set the variables, and take the notes.

Stay in your office gray bearded man because I don’t need you!

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Yeah huh Cloth Diapering Helped with Potty Training!

YES, cloth diapering helped potty train S and it was shockingly easy. Now I didn’t just write this post to brag about my parenting accomplishments but I wrote it to share my accomplishment so I can help you. I am definitely not “one of those parents” but I get why it may seem that way.

When S turned 2, I thought she was ready because we were communicating clearly with one another. This is when we started to talk about going to the potty and she took the initiative to show me that she understood what I meant. She would tell me I have to go potty mommy and I would take her.

After a few times of wearing panties and going too late or too early, I realized we weren’t ready for potty training. I say we because she wasn’t making it and I wasn’t all the way sure how to explain to her how to go besides “you put the pee in the potty”. So I stopped but I continued to talk to her about it.

I knew she was comprehending what I was saying because we would have a full dialogue about it but I had a theory that the issue was more about the unfamiliarity of the urgency.

She didn’t know that with the urgency comes the pee and that is when you go to the potty!

I wasn’t exactly sure if that was the missing link until we bought the cloth diapers. After having 3 kids prior to her, you would think I had a clue but I really didn’t. My other children were potty trained while attending preschool with a regular schedule that I could not provide them with.

Pee + Urgency = Pee in the Potty

Since I felt like a failure and I didn’t want to keep pressuring her, we went back to diapers. It was really disappointing because she was so happy but at that time I just didn’t know how to help her. After that I decided to switch to cloth diapers and even when I read that cloth diapering helped potty train other kiddos I didn’t believe it.


Until she started wearing the cloth diapers and the pee made her uncomfortable but aware of the “urgency”. She begin to tell me she had to pee before she would wet her diaper, when she used it, and how she needed a change immediately. I didn’t think that potty training was taking place until about the fourth time she successfully made it to the potty.

I couldn’t believe it!

She immediately stopped using cloth diapers and was going #2 in the potty during the day. She was adamant about wearing panties during the day and she understood she had to wear cloth diapers at night. This all was achieved within a week of switching to cloth diapers!

For 3 weeks, after cloth diapering for a few days she has gone to the potty and only had 3 accidents. For the past 3 days she had even stopped wetting her cloth diaper at night. I wouldn’t be surprised if she moves on to a reusable pull ups before Christmas rolls around.

Our Mind is Blown

It’s been really hard for me to process that my baby girl is turning into a big girl. Her baby like expressions have turned into a big girl personality; she converses with full clear sentences; has the cutest sense of humor; and is now potty trained. OMG I wasn’t ready!

Somedays I stop in amazement like she doesn’t even need me to tell her. She literally regulates her own need to urinate, notifies me, and goes. We did it!

I like to acknowledge her success and just let her know I am so proud of her. Just watching her express how proud she is to everyone that she did something all on her own, makes me so happy. It truly felt next to impossible but if it wasn’t for Baby Rue coming into our lives, I would have never chose to cloth diaper and we wouldn’t be here.

After the Great Deliberation and Research

I am 100% supporting the fact that cloth diapering helped potty train my 2yo and it could very well help your toddler too. In the coming years I believe that this theory will be found to be true with Baby Rue and will be out of diapers for good.

This is my mom theory and I am sticking to it!

Do you cloth diaper? How long did it take for your kiddos to potty train with cloth diapers vs disposables? Tell me in the comments below because I want to hear from the real “experts”.

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  • kat

    I don’t and haven’t used cloth diapers, but it totally makes sense! Cloth diapers are probably more like actual underwear than disposable diapers, so it’ll probably take less time for kids to adjust. Then again, my mom potty trained 2 girls and a boy and says my sister and I just didn’t like the wet feeling. Either way, congratulations on the potty training!

    • thesahmomlife

      Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking. Disposables have that super absorbent material that help diapers last longer and cloth diapers don’t work in that way. The connection between “oh this is what it feels like” and going to the potty definitely happens sooner. For the life of me I could not find a way to get potty training to work before now so I commend moms who have found a way. Thank you!!

      • kat

        It’s different for every family, but the end result is the same: every child makes the connection at some point when they’re ready. It just means moms and dads have to get a little creative to help their child make the connection!

  • JakiJellz

    I’d never even given this any thought before now but I can really see why this works after reading your post. What a clever little girl she is. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, do come back next week!

    • thesahmomlife

      I was in total disbelief but I definitely recommend it to anyone struggling to help the littles make the connections. Yes she is very clever and we are so proud.

      You’re welcome!! Thanks for visiting. I will be back for more linkup fun.

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