How to claim your welcome box for baby
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How To Claim Your Welcome Box From Amazon

 How do I get my hands on an Amazon Baby Welcome Box?

We are expecting the unexpected, our fifth child who is due to arrive in December. I have to buy all new baby essentials because I shoved all of the hand me downs into a planet aid box. After S was born, I was over having kids and just wanted everything out of my house because I was sure I was finished.

Look where we are almost 3 years later. Smh!!

After I spent the first trimester balling my eyes out and vomiting violently, I devised a minimalistic money saving plan. I was to do all the research I could on ways to be a money saving efficient parent with just the essentials. The best ways to save money when shopping are finding coupons and freebies for items on your list.

The Amazon Welcome Box was one of the first things that I found. It was just what I needed because they offered full size samples from quality brands.  I completed Amazon’s requirements and crossed off essentials I needed for Baby Rue for free.

Finding essential freebies like this has really helped me to save and prepare for our bundle of joy. When something this comes across my path I have to share with anyone who may benefit from this. All you have to do is follow the 7 simple steps below to get your welcome box.

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Step 1: Sign up for Amazon Prime

Amazon Account Sign-Up


If you have an Amazon account already just sign in but if you don’t you will need it to sign up to try Amazon Prime free for 30 days. After the trial, you can keep it for $9.99 a month or you can cancel it.

Step 2: Create Baby Registry

Once you have created your Amazon account and signed up for prime you will then need to create your baby registry.



On your Amazon homepage, near the right hand corner there will be a drop down list that says Account & Lists. Click on that once.


Amazon Baby Registry Link


Under “Your List” go down and you will see the link to Create Baby Registry (my list shows baby registry because I already have one).


Step 3: Add Items to Your List


This is the fun part!

Vernassa Baby Bath Flower


Now that you have your registry setup you can add all the items you want or you can add few. It’s all up to you!


Amazon Baby Registry List


Here is what my registry looked like once I added items to my list.

Here are some tips:

  • Your items are divided up into categories and you will have the option to move items around to different list.

  • Next to the product you can view if an item has been purchased vs how many you need. You can edit the product by writing a note, quantity, deletion, or mark it as a must have.

  • Above the title the “must have” banner will show for you and anyone looking at your registry.

  • On the left, you have your list of links that will take you to the settings and other informational pages. Make sure you take a look around before proceeding with the next steps.

  • At the top you have your exclusive offer, completion discount, welcome box, and baby bucks statuses.

Step 4: Check off Checklist

At first I didn’t know if I needed to fill the categories to check them off or if it mattered. I just checked them all and then proceeded with the next step.

Step 5: Purchase an Item(s) of $10 or more

On your list select an item that is $10 or more and put it into your cart. Go to your cart and proceed to checkout. Be sure to select the “Gift Registry Address” that you added to your registry.


Amazon Checkout

Step 6: Claim Your Welcome Box

Now go back to your registry list and click on the “Welcome Box Check Status” link at the top.



It will drop down a window that will show the baby registry welcome box claim link. I have already claimed my box but there will be a claim button for you to click. If it doesn’t show the claim button give it some time and it will show when it is ready.


Baby Registry Welcome Box Claim

Step 7: Wait For It To Arrive



That’s it! It is literally that simple.

My Welcome Box has already arrived safely and I wrote a post all about it here. I have a special $35 valued freebie for breastfeeding mothers. In order to get the coupon code for 10 FREE 100% cotton breast pads just click here and subscribe to my newsletter.

If you have any questions about getting your Welcome Box please leave them in the comments below. I am more than willing to help you as much as I can or direct you with the correct links.

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