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    FREE Printables Review Sponsored By Education.com

    Free Printables Review Sponsored By Education.com header

    That is why when someone from Education.com reached out to me with free printables I was really excited. Not only were they giving us a free printables to try but this will be my first sponsored post. So I would like to send a huge thank you to the people over at Education.com for helping me to accomplish a goal while sharing these two free fun printables.

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    Our July Baby Registry Haul: Amazon Welcome Box

    As of this Wednesday, I am officially 20 weeks pregnant with our fifth child Baby Rue. Yay!! Takes deep breath. I am almost there! Starting from the bottom prepping with a minimalistic plan is the best way not to break my bank. I mentioned in my how to get a Welcome Box post that I came up with a plan to collect freebies. This box was the first things I signed up for and I thought it would be really cool to share the unboxing. If you are expecting I recommend you take this opportunity to get your own box by reading my post on how to claim yours here. It is super simple to do and it takes little time to complete the 7 steps I outline for you in the post. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Shall we proceed… **I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates…

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    How To Claim Your Welcome Box From Amazon

    How to claim your welcome box for baby

    The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box was my favorite because they offered full size samples from some really good brands and it seemed that they worked with different brands every so often. Once I learned the simplicity of getting my hands on my very own box I begin the process. I completed the steps, my box in the mail arrived in the mail, and I crossed off some items on my list for the baby all for free. I loved it this freebie so much that I figured other expecting moms should know how easy it is to get one.