Bunny and Cookie Takes a Walk
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Bunny and Cookie Take a Walk Outside

The Adventures of Bunny and Cookie continues with these two cuties taking a walk outside.

I love it when my 2 y.o is talking to my 4 y.o about what she is doing and the she responds with so much excitement. She has been using a lot more words and creating longer sentences to communicate with her siblings. My favorite moments from the two of them are similar to the moment in the meme below.

Bunny and Cookie Take a Walk Outside Meme

I hope that you and your little one enjoys this weeks Bunny and Cookie meme. Do you have any cute moments of your little ones interacting with one another? If so, share with us below and we may feature your moment in the Bunny and Cookie adventures. If you missed Bunny’s and Cookie’s adventure last week you can find that here. Subscribe to our blog below to get updates via email so you won’t miss out on what happens next.

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