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The blog resources I’ve listed below are to help provide you with the necessary tools to start your own blog. I know you probably feel like you have no idea where to begin. You need help and I have some very valuable answers so why not share.

I also have a momsource page for mother’s looking for the products that I use and talk about on my blog here.

Blogging Tools:

Hosting: Siteground

Web Hosting

I use Siteground to host my blog because it was one of the most talked about amongst mom bloggers. They also offer a great price for hosting that I could actually work with. When I logged in to setup my everything up it was a very simple process to get through.

Platform: is the self hosted and is not. Most hosting providers have a one-click installs and transfers. Self hosting with WordPress is very important for those that want to make money, increase their traffic, and use helpful plugins.

Theme: Ashe Pro Theme

Ashe Pro Theme | Blog Resource

I am currently using this theme and I have seen other bloggers use it on their blogs as well. It is a simple theme that comes with many features and styles. I think this is a plus for a blogger who would like to switch it up sometimes. There are many fonts and unlimited colors to choose from in the customization area. I haven’t found anything about this theme I don’t love unlike many other themes that I have used in the past.

The biggest thing I love about this theme is the page to page customization. So if  I want a specific header for one page and one for another I can do that. I can turn on a blog post slider for each page or featured links that I can choose at my own discretion.

*If you would like to purchase the pro version of this theme click the image above. You can find the free version in the theme catalog.

Analytics: Google Analytics

WordPress generates stats for your blog but it is limited to pageviews and visitors. Google analytics offers in detail look at your website traffic which can be helpful for many things.

Organization: Trello

I use Trello to maintain my editorial calendar. I write out my ideas, make to do lists, and gather information in one app before writing my post. It’s a really good app for maintaining organization for a blog.

Affiliate Programs:

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliates is easy to sign up. Up to 10% in fees for each item will be paid to you per item that is purchased via your link. Amazon allows for more control over what is being advertised on your site as well as the location.


Siteground has a pretty good affiliate program! I mean literally one sale could take care of your hosting for a year. Anyway I can save money, even if it is just one sale is a plus to me. The more sales you make the higher your payments per sale gets.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any resources that are good for first time bloggers.

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