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An Apology Letter To Our Neighbors

This is my best attempt at an apology letter to our neighbors that live below us. I know that they will probably never read this but I just need to put this out into the universe. For their sake I hope they don’t spend as much time as we do at home.

My family and I live in a 2 story quad building on the 2nd floor. I didn’t want to live above anyone but while in the pursuit of an apartment I didn’t have much of a choice. Our time was running out and we needed to move quick so we took the apartment.

I wanted to live in a first floor apartment for many reasons: I don’t like stairs in general; Carrying groceries up the stairs is never fun; My health issues can make using stairs hard; and I own a stroller. Even with those things in mind, my main reason for wanting to live on the first floor is that I have 4 children. My son (7 y.o) has ADHD and Autism, which is not very easy to maintain without noise in an apartment.

I’m sure you’re aware that kids love to jump around, run, and scream when told not to. My kids love it especially now that I try to restrict these activities from occurring too much. I know this wouldn’t be as bad if we got out more and released some of their energy but we don’t. I feel bad because kids need to be one with outdoors for this very reason. After I became pregnant, managing 4 kids alone plus dealing with health issues has been very hard on my body. It has to be a really good day for me to push myself and even then their dad is usually with us.

So all summer there’s been no school and they’ve been trapped in the house with a hormonal mommy. Ugh I am so sorry kiddos!

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Their dad has seen the neighbors a few times and they seemed eager to spark a conversation every time. I just asked that he let them know that we are sorry for being so loud. So far there hasn’t been any complaints or weird looks from them.

I am guessing this means they don’t hate us!

Dear Neighbors,

Let’s get right to the point!

I know the big booms and crashes that you can hear coming from our apartment is the most nerve-racking experience. If I was you I would be ready to come up the stairs to see what the heck was going on. I mean no one really makes this much noise and survives through it do they?

I am sorry with all the pieces of my heart about our giant troll feet children and their unruly tantrums that take to the floor because I specifically said not to!

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You can probably hear the screaming match between my son and I when I have had it up to the 100 acre woods tree line. I know the right thing to do is to reason without frustration but 5 days out of the week I have to divide my patience up amongst everything that happens. This mama has little left to give! My patience is thinner than a piece of paper and I don’t have enough to last most days.

We are sorry for our lack of communication that causes your disruption. We are trying but it is going to take some time.

School will start soon for my oldest two children which will give us all about 8 hours of peace. The littles do a lot of screaming but I am hoping that’s because of the influence of the oldest two. I pray that once baby roo is born she will have a voice of an angel and sleep through the night (yeah right).

I guess we will have to wait and see though!


Your loud a** neighbors

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